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Nakoma Heights Apartments



Resident · 2006 - 2008
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Office Staff
The managment will (illegally) tow your car at will if there is not enough room for the people they like. They only care about certain people. They told me that they would reimburse me but then when I paid the money to get it out and went up to them they said ohh no we don't do that and I have a witness of all this than I asked for a copy of the rules and Abby was extremely rude kicked my witness out and told me to leave. I am writing a letter to the corperate office to see if they will do anything about this. I had bed bugs which alot of people had problems with even before I moved in here. I had never seen a bed bug before the date I moved in. It took them close to 5 months to do something about them. a year after that I started seeing bed bugs I started seeing swarms of cockroaches (google nakoma heights cockroaches). Parking is... wait what parking? My roommate up and left on me without saying anything which I know its my fault but they could be sympathetic to me and atleast do something for me maybe lower my rent to make it affordible that'd be nice. rent is 675 and my disability is 612 so you tell me how I'm going to be able to afford it and my roommate wasn't on the lease. I wrote them a check on the 27th of may because I was going out of town I post dated the check for the 5th and wrote a note saying please do not cash until the 5th because I wont have money in my account until than. They decided they were going to deposit it anyway on the 4th before rent was due. Ok so they deposit it and my bank charges me 32 dollars for a return check. And hey guess what because of that I can't pay rent now. These people are scum lords I pay my rent on time every month and these people just have always ----ed me over. Nothing but trouble since I moved in.
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Nakoma Heights Apartments

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