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Nakoma Heights Apartments



Resident · 2008 - 2009
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Office Staff
Ok so my husband and I with our son moved into this place. They looked nice and it was cheap and we had heat and water included. It was our first apartment. Bad Idea! Our heat would be at like 110 degrees in the winter time we would have to have the patio door wide open. And as another lady who wrote a review on this horrible place said they tell you to reset it and if that doesnt work well then i guess your just to dumb to push a button. It was horrible. My mother in law moved in with us at last minute notice with her dog and Miss Sandy who was the manager at the time not sure if she still is and for tenants that live there for your sake I hope not didnt believe me. So she called me a B*tch and hung up on me. I was coming up there to there office to give them the pet fee and everything else they needed. It wasnt like I was trying to hide her. She shortly after that was replaced by a lady named Jane. She was so sweet and nice and made it very enjoyable. So before our 1 yr lease was up my husband and I had our second son and our carpet was replaced and the tile it was really nice. So we thought well if shes our landlord well just renew our lease. So we did. BIG MISTAKE! Because she had a problem with Tom the maitnance mans daughter who i think he was having a secret love afair with (GRoss!) Abby was her name Jane was laid off. Then they had a very old black women working there and she was shortly laid off as well this was all in the matter of 2 months. So the manager who owned the place came to work there. Gave us a piece of paper stating we could get out of our lease early because of all the problems and we called the state inspector on the apartment complex. There was moldly water sitting in the washing machines. The storage units down stairs had such bad black mold you couldnt even breath down there to do your laundry. So we filled out the paperwork left that in the apartment with the keys and all the stuff we were supposed to leave. They didnt return our security deposit or half of the pet deposit. They charged me 2 months extra for rent. I should have taken them to court with all the pictures I have of that place. But I moved to Iowa and now in Texas so I didt really care. They have only recieved $100 from me and thats all theyll be getting because I refuse to pay them. So have fun with that Nakoma Heights! There staff is horrible and I would recommend NO ONE to live here! And Sandy I think you might need to have your face redone or put a bag over your head you might be scaring some of your trying to move in tennants! And Tom I think you and your daughter Abby need some counsiling shes what 24 and still living with her daddy? There somthing going on there. I think someone needs to call adult protective services!
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Nakoma Heights Apartments

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