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Nakoma Heights Apartments



Resident · 2012 - 2013
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Office Staff
I am moving out, in a pinch this place is just OK. The heat was nice in the winter (I like it hot, so I don't complain when a place is heated well and I don't have to pay for it) I just opened the windows if I wanted it a little cooler. <--this is the only plus of this place 2 days after I moved in I was approached by a guy that asked me for a cigarette, luckily I already had the police on the way, I found out that person stabbed someone about 3 hours later that same day! The roaches were a problem. I think I killed at least one a day. Never had any problems with management, but there are kids running in the halls every day and my mailman thought it was a good idea to leave a package for me at my door BIG MISTAKE! It was ripped to shreds and luckily I came home early that day or I may not have gotten the products inside at all. I've had about 3 "yearly" inspections in one year. And the last one lasted a week, I don't even know if they came in. Not sure what they're looking for, I pay my rent on time. Just need more privacy which is why I'm moving. Oh and the standoff at gunpoint with the police officers. Making it impossible to get to my apartment and get a decent night's sleep yeah, definitely moving. I don't feel safe, maybe if you're a guy, but as a single woman living alone, I am willing to pay more for people that don't approach me. Moving in a week and a half and I can't wait!
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Nakoma Heights Apartments

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