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Nakoma Heights Apartments



Resident · 1999 - 2003
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Office Staff
i used to enjoy living here...but now i can´t wait to move out.. new owners took over in the past year for low income housing.. they made it look pretty.. and upgraded a bit.. but what a hassle.. <br><br><br> i lived downstairs where i wanted to be..but because of income had to move upstairs to a different apartment.... and stairs are getting to be a bit much for me...as i get older... i am 54, had heart surgery and get winded easily.... <br><br><br> recently got a memo from the office.... no grills .. its a fire hazard... if one is seen on the patio or balcony by the fire inspector they will fine you... if you have tires to store.. can´t do it in these here storage lockers... thats a fire hazard too.. if they find any in your locker they will cut the lock and take them out... <br><br><br><br> they have special outside door keys.. that cannot be duplicated.. and only one per adult per apt... if you lose it or want an extra.. its 20 dollars, and you won´t get that 20 dollars back either.. i had to do that.. so thats my key i figure... i will be getting into that building anytime i like after i move...... if you get yourself locked out and need to go to the office.. they will charge you 10 dollars to let you back into your building.. <br><br><br><br> there are no assigned parking places.. so if you happen to work later in the evening.. depending on the building you live in .. maybe expect to walk a block to get to your building ... as the parking spaces are all taken closer to your door....its first come first serve... <br><br><br><br> wintertime.. you can´t leave your car parked with the front end hanging over the sidewalk...because they have this little plow type vehicle..they need the room .. so will have your car towed..if its hanging over the sidewalk after an accumulation of snow.... <br><br><br><br> and now.. also .. a hassle with the provided washer and dryer in each building... no quarters.. they are card operated... and you have to go to the office to obtain more money on your card for washing clothes.. if you work during the day... you better get money on your card on tuesday nights or thursday nights.. as that is the only time you can do it .. as they are open till 8 pm .. office isn´t open on sat or sunday.. <br> also.. buzzer system to let someone in the front door that wants to visit you.. the mechanism is hooked up to your phone number.. so it forces you to have a phone line .. its like getting a phone call from the front door.. and you hit the zero to let them in.... oh well.. its the way it is.. <br><br><br><br> want to get something fixed..?? get in line.. you have to write out a work order for the maintenance man... can´t just call the office and tell them what needs to be done....hehe.. hopefully there isn´t too many ahead of you.. <br><br><br><br> and if you have any complaints about anything or anyone.. you have to get a complaint form from the office... and turn it in... <br><br><br><br> this place is unbelievable in all these rules... but oh well.. you want to move here.. ?? hope you like all that i have told you... but i am moving out.. so you won´t be seeing me...
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Nakoma Heights Apartments

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