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Nichols Station



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/15/2005
The building houses the original water pump from the City of Madison, so the building has little space left for extra amenities. Parking is left to be desired as there are not enough spots for apartments and cost an additional $60/month - so forget about a second spot.<br><br>While some apartments are being renovated into condos, the rest and common areas are needing improvement. My apartment was littered with trash when I moved in - popcorn and rotten eggs in the kitchen cupboards. Carpet that is torn up around the apartment, was promised to be replaced and has not been. Leaky toilet supply line caused damage to wall and baseboard, but only the toilet was repaired. Common areas have doors that do not close properly, basement storage that is always wet and outdoor areas that pool with water. Also, as the condos are being worked on, security is a minimal concern - crews leaving all the doors open to the entire complex, leaving everyone vulnerable. Construction supplies, vehicles and tools strewn across the entire complex. <br><br>Concerns brought to management are barely addressed and minimally fixed. Don't expect anything extra, if you can find a management person to talk to. Office hours are inconsistent and not advertised.<br><br>I live in the old part of the building, where the management decided to change the address of the complex giving the tenants only 3 days notice. The heating systems here are inefficient and costly. Electric heat pumps are installed that double as air-conditioning and heating units. They work well in the summer, but can cost tons in the winter. The electric bill was over four times as much in the winter as summer.<br><br>The new part of the building may be different, but I would not recommend an apartment in the old building - 427 E Gorham.
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Nichols Station

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