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Shadow Creek



Resident · 2012
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Office Staff
If you have good credit and can buy ANYTHING resembling a house or condo, I recommend doing it instead of coming to this complex. The neighborhood area is pretty good, though there remains a marked dearth of interesting or fun restaurants, sportsbars or shopping in the PD/Maple Grove area. Sure, you've got your undersized Copps store, SuperTarget, a sub shop or two, a couple pizza joints, a coffee shop, a taco bell, Aldi, and the crowning jewel of dining in the Maple grove region of the SW fringes of Madison- a Buffalo Wild Wings. Yawn.. Oh but wait...we're getting a shiny new Salvation Army store!!!! I'm sure this wealth of dining choices, cultural attractions, and interesting, upscale shoping justify the now near $1,100 rent on an approx ( i dont know the exact sq footage) 850 -900 sq foot apartment here at Stone and Shadow Creek Apartments. (Heat not included). If you're going to raise the rent so significanly, please add some more ammenties and/or remodel the units. The apartments were undoubtedly nice and a fair value, *in their day*, which came and went about 10 yrs ago, in my opinion. It is a quiet and pleasant enough place to live, BUT in my opinion, they simply are not worth the rent that the management is now demanding, especially given that incomes are DOWN. Thats what is all boils down to me- the money they want for the units simply isnt worth it to me. They are cramped, AGING, thin walls, but the rent just keeps going up, up and up to obscene levels in the past few yrs (for what you get).. The air conditioner/heating unit in my apt, is of the style of an early 1980s motel room; wall mounted unit and very noisy. Pets- they are not allowed, and again- the units just aren't very spacious, in my opinion. I would say if you are age 18-25, planning to live alone, dont want pets, and looking for your first apartment, and can afford to pay this much per month, then this place is not so bad. The snow removal that they do is decent. I dont have a complaint with the workers who do that work here. They have for the most part done a good job with that, as well as with side walk ice removal. I guess its that whole corporate greed thing- mortgage crisis occurred, tight credit has driven many from their homes, or unable to escape their apartments and buy a home. Madison area income is for the most part significantly down, and people are really hurting financially, but if you are in the apartment rental business, I guess that means the time is now to raise people's rents, in my opinion. I don't have to take it anymore, and will be leaving the complex soon. Good luck to everyone out there in finding a decent, fairly priced place to live!
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Shadow Creek

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