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Shenandoah Apartments



Resident · 2008 - 2011
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Office Staff
I've been here for almost 3 years. Yes the office staff is friendly and the maintenance is prompt. But people that say the noise is not worse than any other apartment complex are dead wrong. The floor boards creak, the walls are paper thin. This building is probably over 50 years old. You can hear the TV of your neighbor whether they are above or below you. Better yet if you are on the first floor you will hear all of your neighbors foot steps. Sure there are quiet hours but that doesn't mean someone doesn't have to work at 6AM and you can hear them walking. Yes, the price is reasonable but that is because you are in a bad location of town. The bus system is horrible. The south transfer point brings in a lot of 'riff-raff'. Not very bus friendly people if you ask me especially if you are a UW student. I've ridden next to homeless people, crying screaming babies, and gang members. If you are a young professional find something elsewhere away from the '------.' Starting two blocks south of this complex on Park Street is probably the most poor and run-down area of Madison (the gas stations are robbed numerous times, a cop got shot which was reported on the news, there are gang members late at night, and there are registered sex offenders surrounding the area). Don't believe me? Google it. I've seen shady people pacing the parking lot late at night peaking in windows. Probably looking to jack a car stereo. I guess no one would know this because everyone in the complex is an older crowd and goes to bed at 10PM. I don't even see my neighbors come out sometimes. If you are a younger graduate student or working professional and are SOCIAL this is not the place for you. Most tenants are rather boring and are strict about noise (probably because you can hear everything). Laundry room is in a creepy old basement with poor lighting. The only good things I will say are that parking is good, especially for guests (there is a lot of side parking). Grounds are well kept. Rent price is reasonable. Staff is friendly. But overall, there are BETTER places to live! If you are going to live here, get a place on the second floor like I did. But don't say I didn't warn you.
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Shenandoah Apartments

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