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Shenandoah Apartments



Resident · 2011 - 2013
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Office Staff
I lived at the Shenandoah Apartments for 2 years while I was pursuing my MBA at the University of Wisconsin. I learned about the apartment complex from a senior classmate in my program during my visit to Madison the summer before I started my program. I would recommend this apartment complex to the new working professional who is looking for a place that is reasonably priced, close to public transportation, and accessible to most commercial properties (i.e.- grocery, restaurants, etc). Here are some of the highlights of living there: Leasing Office- Erin and Mary Jo are very attentive managers and want all of their tenants to be happy and feel welcomed at the complex. They receive and hold/deliver your packages if you are not home, they update you on all things going on in the building(s), and even decorate the apartment hallways on holidays and special occasions. They have always been very straight forward with me and very easy to talk to. Any maintenance issues, they make sure someone is there next day to fix it. Maintenance- They have a couple of handy men on hand who keep the grounds and appliances in the best conditions possible. I mean, these guys do an excellent job of making sure that the apartment complex is always in the best condition. When it snows, they are immediately out there to shovel the walks and make sure that the sidewalks are iced. Summertime they are constantly working on the lawns and bushes to make them look pristine and well-manicured. Patchwork on driveways, painting hallway walls or just regular cleaning, these guys are hardworking and are an asset to the complex in my opinion. Safety- I was never worried about the neighborhood, safety of my apartment, or belongings (i.e.-car). While it is located 5 minutes from what some would consider the "low end" of Madison, the apartment complex does not see anything that would remotely look like there could be trouble. Its directly across the street from a hospital, two parking lots (two different hospitals), and a walking trail that leads to two lakefronts. Its a really nice neighborhood. Coming from the Southside of Chicago, I know what a "bad area" looks and feels like and this is not it-- believe me! Accessible- The Apartment is 5 minutes away from the expressway and surrounded by bus stops that can get you all around Madison. There is a Copps Grocery store directly behind the apartment complex and a dry cleaners right up the street. Its also near all of the major hospitals in Madison. Plenty of local restaurants around the area as well (try Los Guadalajara for some really good Mexican food). Drawbacks of living at Shenadoah? Thin walls- While management does a good job of trying to remind residents that they should be mindful of their neighbors around them, sometimes the walls are unforgiving to the occasional small gathering or energetic young child. The walls are pretty thin, so sound from other units or the hallways is noticeable at times. However, its not egregious as most residents realize this and try to be respectful of their fellow neighbor. South Street- The City of Madison is relentless about their parking fines and have the street setup to reflect this. If you have more than one car in your household and can not find a fellow resident to lease you their parking space (you get one parking space with each unit), you then have to park on the street and that can be problematic as they have different days of the week when you can park on one side or the other. Also, they have a maximum no. of hours you can park on the street in one spot (i.e.- 2 hr maximum). However, this is common throughout Madison and something I would hope that one day someone should try to resolve with the City Council. Also, South Street-- itself-- is in really bad condition and needs yo be repaved. You don't realize how poor the roads are until winter and you see (and feel) how many potholes are on the road. Also, to my knowledge, the city does not plow that street when it snows, so you will end up having to drive over snow that will probably turn to ice during the course of the winter. ... For the money, you can not beat living at Shenadoah. I had friends and classmates that lived in more expensive residencies and just didn't see the need to pay $200 for where they were located. I think this is a great place to stay and I think if you give them a try, you will think likewise.
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Shenandoah Apartments

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