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The Lux

433 West Johnson Street

Madison, WI 53703



Resident · 2018
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
We love our actual apartment, but beyond the walls of our home, this building is a mess. I understand the new owners were given a rough building, but it's worse than when we moved in a year ago. Half of the staff will ignore you, not acknowledge your presence or sit frowning at their desk. We could have gone to any other high-rise downtown for the price we're paying, but chose The Lux because of the amenities- which have fallen apart this summer. The pool has been closed down since the first weekend and will be closed for 2/3 of the summer. The "exercise" room smells like garbage half the time. I'm not sure if the staff has ever tried to even use the movie theater room, but as far as I know it hasn't worked since the building was built. The grounds of the apartment are disgusting, with dead grass, dead plants and glass constantly covering the sidewalk, as well as overflowing trashcans every day of the week. The ivy wall inside is basically dead with a pair of half-hearted Christmas lights strung across them. If you look at The Domain next door, they actually take care of their grounds and attempt to look presentable. I don't know why the office buys new furniture and unnecessary chairs next to the elevator when there are way more pressing things to purchase. As far as the cleanliness of the building, it's definitely not as nice as it used to be. There are also several professional cleaning services that need to be used. The floor to ceiling windows on the ground floor have never been washed. They need to hire a company to come clean the dirt and grime off of them. The floor mats and elevators have salt/gum/food crushed into the surface and need to be professionally cleaned. Small things make a huge difference! Having come from a big city before Madison, the last luxury apartment building I lived in fixed problems immediately. The pool was broken? It was fixed in less than a week. Maintenance issue? We'll have someone up in fifteen minutes. The adage that you need to spend money to make money is something lost on the new company. The worst part is the staff has an accusatory tone with everything they send to tenants. Notes are placed in the hallway written in ALL CAPS with a half dozen exclamation points attached. They say the amenities are an "added bonus" to living at The Lux, but we could have lived anywhere else- we chose this place because of the amenities.
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The Lux Manager


Hello, Thank you for your review, we appreciate all resident comments and concerns. We are sorry to hear that you are unhappy with your current living situation. We take any issues brought up seriously and we are actively working to fix any and concerns. In regards to the theater room, we became aware of issues with the projector almost immediately - we have since then replaced the projector and are scheduling for the internet/cable company to come out and fix the connection so that is it more reliable. Regarding the pool - there was a leak discovered that is not a quick fix; it is currently leaking into another resident's apartment as well as the 11th floor hallway; this is a top priority for us. If you'd like to make an appointment with management to discuss your other concerns further, please feel free to reach out so we can give you additional information and insight. Thank you again.

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The Lux

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