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The Lux

433 West Johnson Street

Madison, WI 53703



Resident · 2016 - 2018
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I love my apartment but this is pretty much it after the new management took place. The Lux is literally falling apart everywhere, both its structure and its appearance. First, the building is absolutely dirty! I excused new management after they took place the first month but not anymore. It is dirty!!! Nobody cleaned the trash room in every floor and the stanch is overwhelming. Bad odor is present in hallways, lobby, gym and garage waiting area. They tried to hide the problem by spraying every floor with repulsive deodorant and placing wall deodorizers everywhere: the mix of fruity fragrancy with fermenting trash is overwhelming! The cleaning people, when they are not coming with the whole family who literally laid in the lobby's couches, are not doing a good job. Replace them! There are plenty of great cleaning services in town. Before, one person was keeping the building clean, and the plants alive and she was the most welcoming person ever! More disturbing is the fact that the manager lives in the building and she does not see the trash/bad odors everywhere! You mentioning to her the problem and she is absolutely oblivious. Then you read her online apologies clamming cleaning services have been extended to 5/6 times a week and such! To you manager: LOOK AROUND for god sake! The plants inside are dying: the pothos ivy wall (first thing you are going to see when you get in/out of the elevator) is basically dead with a pair of half-hearted Christmas lights strung across them. I still trying to understand why they placed a cheap picnic table with plastic linen in what it was used to be a nice welcoming and classy lobby. How about all the new chairs right in front of the elevator? Why???? Between those chairs (cheap chairs) and the Xmas light with the dead pothos ivy I am wondering who make thess design and stylistic choices! The outside area is disgusting, dead grass, dead plants, dead flowers, ---- pile right in front, overflowing trash can, broken glass, cigarettes, food containers…Have anybody ever clean the outside? Rhetorical question, I do not need an answer! I feel embarrassed to have guests over: they pointed out to me multiple times about the lack of cleanliness of the structure since January! Then, there is the odyssey with the garage system: it always requires emergency maintenance! ALWAYS! That imply you cannot store or retrieve the car. Their suggestions: get uber or park outside and they are going to reimburse you. The problem is that every single week there are issues. I do not care about what do you need to do in order to keep it running: I pay $200 a month and I want to have a functioning garage! I attended a 1+h meeting on March where corporate and entourage was instructing about the garage (Most of the tenants were using it for more than a year...) and all the money they invested to bring it up and running… It still requires emergency maintenance, many emergency maintenance!!! Then they send out this last-minute email (less than 24 h notice it is last minute email!) without even telling when the garage will be further accessible. I do not want to hear any more excuses about it. Manager and management have always an accusatory way to communicate to tenants! Always. Verbally or by email you feel always attacked and they never try to make things easy! They barely acknowledge you when you walk in or out…It feels really welcoming! My lease will be up soon and I cannot wait to leave this nightmare: my advice to you it is to shop around! Look at other building in downtown, they are much better kept. Look at The Domain: the glass has been replaced, new flowers/plants replaced, the inside is always immaculate and clean, all the windows are clean. I don't even think The Lux has ever washed the windows since January! You have much more options in downtown and with the status of decadency this building has reached I would not recommend anybody to live here.
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The Lux Manager


Hello, thank you for your review - we appreciate all resident comments and concerns. We are sorry to hear that you are disappointed. We are actively working to make improvements and we are doing our best maintain the upkeep of the building. We have a landscaping contract scheduled for a complete overhaul of the front area and we are hiring additional maintenance staff to help with the interior and trash rooms. The parking garage is an ongoing process and the repairs are not immediate. When something breaks, we must shut down the garage for extended periods of time in order to safely complete the repairs. We would be happy to discuss further with you if you would like to make an appointment. Again, we apologize for any negative experience you have had and we are working to continue improvements.

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The Lux

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