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Timberlake Village Apartments



Resident · 2005 - 2007
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Office Staff
Have lived there for years and the lease agreement/multiple adendums that superseed lease, are unlawful and overly restrictive with regard to Tenant's right to "quiet enjoyment". Make sure you read the lease agreement carefully! One part actually states that Tenant transfers and sells their personal property to the Landlord upon signing, and that property can be seized without notice and by force, without affording the Tenant the right to due process under the law "which the Tenant expressly waives". Basically, they can come in and throw all of your belongings onto the street (the ones they didn't keep for themselves or sell that is) without actually going thru the eviction process and giving you a chance to correct the issue. Their rules are oppressive, the management staff is rude if you have problems or complaints, and if you complain about anything you will be harrassed endlessly until you finally move out. Michelson agents have committed fraud in so far as they have used Social Security numbers of resident provided to them on the application forms requested "for Identification purposes only", used for other than those stated; without resident's knowledge or consent. Furthermore, it is not a family friendly renter, so if you have children, or are planning to have children, and rent from them, expect eviction the minute your baby cries in the middle of the night for a feeding (noise violation). The management frequently engages in harrassment of tenants, and many tenants have reported to being sexually harrassed by the some of the maintanence staff when they come to make repairs. In short, it's just not worth all the headaches. For the money they want you could find a nicer place where they won't steal your belongings and make your life hell if you have kids. I've watched them throw out too many good neighbors because of sidewalk chalk, but excessive dog feces everywhere is perfectly okay. I would never rent for Michelson Realty again, in any state, in any building. Prospective renters beware!
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Timberlake Village Apartments

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