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Tucson Trails



Resident · 2012 - 0
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Office Staff
This apartment complex is THE WORST! It's unsafe, unclean, most people that live there are really sketchy, and the management is awful, dishonest, and deceitful. Everything bad on here is true. The only thing i can say is that management must be giving a kick-back for good reviews or doing it themselves, because their rating was in the tank--as it SHOULD BE. The apartment was disgusting when we went to move in, it wreaked of cat urine. They offered to fix it, which included dumping insanely LARGE amounts of a powder to try to mask the smell. I was horrified when my toddler started crawling on the carpet and we found out. They then cleaned the carpets but it still stunk. Police investigators/detectives came knocking on my door with ---- one day because they were looking for an escaped convict. That's the kind of place it is...seriously. The neighborhood is VERY scary--if you know what Raymond Road is like now, then you know what this one is like too. Just go to http://SpotCrime.com and type in Tucson Trails' address to see how many burglaries and assaults there have been at Tucson Trails and the neighborhood, in just in the past couple of months!!! YIKES! I lived next door to a mom who would drink beer and smoke weed on her balcony while pregnant and her two kids inside, all hours of the night there would be kids hanging on the playground peeing on it, drinking beers and smoking there. The rest of the neighbors were mostly similar. (Yeah don't believe that "mostly quiet, professional Epic workers live here" nonsense--they don't live there) We not once utilized the playground in our two years that we stayed there. At one point it had caution tape around it. People smoked in the hallways, and kids skateboarded down the stairs, and when i asked them to discontinue that they egged my car. I asked ---- for the surveillance and he said they actually didn't have video surveillance they only had signs to dissuade people from doing things. The parking lot turns into a ------ party at night, especially when it's warmer out. Don't ask to have anything fixed, it won't be or it won't be done properly. And when you are going to move out TAKE PICTURES of everything and even do a video tape walk-through. They lie and won't give you your deposit back, with no reason and no proof. I had to have a state attorney write them and the owner to force them to give it back, that they were withholding it illegally since they didn't have a lick of proof.
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Tucson Trails

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