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Overlook Pointe

5405 Century Ave

Middleton, WI 53562



Resident · 2005 - 2006
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Office Staff
I am a former tennant of this complex, for me to post something positive may inflate the heads of the not so competent management. I never bothered anyone and no one ever bothered me while in my tennancy. However the activities of some of the tennants is questionable and the management/maintenance is horrible. I had a faulty ac unit in my apt and it took nearly 4 months for them to replace it. In the interrum my MG&E bill skyrocketed to a whopping $1200, on the 2nd floor with no ac and two small children. I complained to management and receive a measley $60.00 rent credit. I was also shown the unit by a previous assistant that gave me a pool key last April telling me the amnesties were wonderful here. The pool was never open last year due to vandalism according to one tennant. Management knew in Oct of 2004 as they sent out a notice to tennants that the pool would not be open. So I was rented to under false pretenses. I have also reported the "Drug Dealing Activity" that happens right in my parking lot. I sat in my vehicle one afternoon with children riding thier bikes and playing in the area and witnessed a drug deal go on right in front of my face. The man who was doing his "business" looked me dead in the face and smiled with the reassurance that he was doing something illegal and could get away with it. I wrote to the management letting them know of this activity, as usual it was just ignored. Funny thing though was that i was told that prospective tennats must pass a criminal background check before moving in. HA!! I was more worried about the children in the area (including mine) being hit by a stray bullet for a drug deal gone bad. Then to agree with another complaint on this site, it took forever for maintainence to clear the walks and parking lots of snow coverage that I fell with my young son in my arms while trying to climb over the mounds of snow to get out of my vehicle. An accident report was filed and again ignored. There was also an incident where there was no heat this past winter. In an attempt to contact the emergency number to report this the number was disconnected. I had to turn my oven on 400 degrees and open the door to heat my unit, as maintenance was unavailable. I also contacted MG&E to report that in the dead of winter, with 2 small children in my unit, (not to mention other kids in my building) there was no heat. They could do nothing as they were not able to reach the management either. This complex is owned by a company in Texas and I'm not so sure they are aware of the going's on with the way this place is managed. There has been a turnover of at least 3 office assitants which tells you something right there. Its difficult to manage a complex if can't simly keep employees in the office,if you didn't notice, the manager seems to be driving a new convertible every spring. Makes you wonder where the rent is going because it certanly isn't going into fixing the units. There are tons of reasons more of which I would not recommend renting here. If you have another outlet for living I recommend you venture down other avenues as this complex is a complete and utter joke.
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Overlook Pointe

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