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Coolidge Court Apartments



Resident · 2006
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Office Staff
This was the only apartment I ever rented that was teeming with roaches. Everybody had them. They were HUGE. Althought the laundry room was on the first floor there was a basemnt and the manager said they were covering and clinging the walls in the basement. They did spray to common areas monthly.<br><br>Carpeting was obviously 30y/o. Old sink and bathtub that had had it's shine scoured off. Hot water only came out a trickle from the shower and the "expanation" I got was that "I was on the first floor and the water heater was on the roof and there was nothing left for first floor tenents by the time it ran down to all the floors". Huh???? The snarly manager told me I should count my blessing because the furnace was in the basement and first floor tenents were taking all the radiator heat and top floor people got hardly any heat in the winter.<br><br>Other tenents in the building were nice. Parking in the area was OK. I could ususally park in front except on weekends when the nearby bars were packed. Grocery shopping within short walking distance. <br><br>Juneau St. was frequented by young male streetwalkers but they didn't bother anyone who didn't bother them.<br><br>There is an alcholic rehab center nearby and a mental institution and two jails and a couple of homeless shelters. YES. The kooks walk are around the neighborhood all day when they let them out. I had a couple of scary expericences with the mentally deranged bothering me while I walked to my car. And another time with a bum sleeping in the doorway by the mailboxes, who tried to grab me and get in the building. Other wise the neighborhood looks nice and neat and tidy.<br><br>
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Coolidge Court Apartments

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