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1593 S Moorland Road, New Berlin, WI 53151
1593 S Moorland Road, New Berlin, WI 53151

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Deer Creek Run Apartments



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newberlin123 • Resident 2007 - 2013 Recommended
Reviewed 08/30/2013
Lived here for about 6 years. Fantastic place to live. Absolutely no crime at all. Maintainance is on the top of everything right away. In the 6 years we were here they replaced out dish washer, clothes washer, and a part in our furnace that cost big bucks right away no problem. They are constantly trying to keep the place looking beautiful. Management is great. Most everyone here are day workers. Walls are thick as can be, and it is so quite that sometimes I wonder if someone is living next to us. I call this place munchkin land. It is like being in the country, but you are in the city with the interstate a half mile away and a huge mall a mile away, and shops all over the area. This place is tops. Couldn`t find a better place. Management really cares. Good number of people have cats, no dogs allowed. And if you are looking for a peaceful place, this is it. You can't hear the people in the next apartment like I said, and if someone comes in thinking they are going to disturb everyone's peace with wild parties and banging away on drums, they won't last long. All the people here get along together and we are glad to live here. Not many places like this around. They have underground parking, which is nice. If you have extra cars they have to park upstairs. Love their windows too. They have the real double paned ones. Not the cheap junk ones you see around in a lot of places. The entire surrounding area is either upper middle class with pockets of wealthy. Dominant race is white. Don't have to worry about winter. It is always plowed. Underground garage is around 50 degrees in winter. Nice. Garage floor is cleaned spotless once a year. They are constantly working to keep the grounds looking nice. I tell them they spent too much time on that. You can't get in the underground garage if you don't have a key or garage door opener. That exercise part where they have all those exercise machines is open 24 hours a day. Same with their clubhouse. Washer and drier in each place is a nice size on top of each other and not small like some places have. Range and hot water is electric. The people who live here are not slobs, so everything is kept up. The bad things. Their really aren't many They could have more parking upstairs. In the summer a lot of people who normally should park underground park upstairs, and there isn't that much parking upstairs. Because we have a river next to us and are kind of like in our own little world we may have a raccoon or a possum or something walk by at night. I like them, but some people don't. Don't see them often, but they are around. Blinds. I don't like blinds. We could put up drapes if they didn't look crazy from the outside, but I don't want the hassle of putting them up. We are isolated somewhat. If you want to go for a walk, once you get out of the complex to the city street, you have to walk in the road or on the grass for a block until you come to a city sidewalk. That is nice in a way. Kind of country feeling. Cell phones won't work in underground garage. I spose that is how it is in all underground garages. If anyone wrote a bad review about this place they probably got kicked out. Great place to live. Glad I found it. Reason most people move out is because they move out of state or buy a home.
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Deer Creek Run Apartments

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