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1593 S Moorland Road, New Berlin, WI 53151
1593 S Moorland Road, New Berlin, WI 53151

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Deer Creek Run Apartments



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kissthisangel1 • Resident 2012 - 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/25/2015
Overpriced and EXTREMELY under maintained. Thin walls, poor management, BUGS and mold and mildew plague this place. A 2 bedroom lower will run you $1015 and the heat/air on average $200+ on the low end a month due to POOR insulation and the condensation in the air ducts will have your furniture/rugs smelling like mildew in no time. If you have a mildew/mold allergy or a low immune system STAY AWAY! There are Woodlouse spiders here and they are HUGE. The management doesn't care about the infestation either, they like to play dumb. Well, these particular spiders bite and they bite HARD (look them up & the bite marks too if you don't believe this post) they are huge and they are feasting (on the rotting wood on and around the buildings especially if you have trees near your unit), potato bugs and millipedes that you'll find too as the weather warms up. I was handed a can of bug spray and was told to "deal with it on my own". If you have pets or small children or ANY children be cautious! Secondly, don't plan on getting any sleep while you live there at least if you aren't a heavy sleeper and don't think for a second that -------- or any of the office staff will do anything about it either. They won't. They have an excuse for EVERYTHING! I didn't sleep a decent night sleep in almost 2 years. The noise level of just people walking/talking above me was insanity. Their garages are so DISGUSTING and dirty not to mention smelly come summertime. Thinking about those dungeons gives me the skeeves even now. They NEVER once maintained my furnace filter in 2 years; I had to buy my own and change it out and when I did; the one that was in there was falling apart, literally. Maintenance is a JOKE....if you write a ticket out for service don't expect ANY advance 24 hr notice either. They will walk in whenever they get to your ticket and who knows what you'll be doing at that time. No locks on their patio screens either (great for security, hey?) their patio tracks squeal with such delight especially from the upstairs neighbors but again they have an excuse for everything there. All I can say is, don't let the looks of the club house fool you-it may "look nice" but the units are a whole other ballgame. They pretend to be accommodating and I can tell you they will get you to sign the lease and then you are in for a nightmare; and you may be asking for way more than you bargained for I promise you that.
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Deer Creek Run Apartments

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