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Hidden Creek



Resident · 2015
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Office Staff
I signed the lease at the end of June for a move-in date of August 15. It was half-assed cleaned, the dishwasher was broke, the washer/dryer was not balanced and hooked up, the place was not all painted, in essence, it was not ready for move-in. They are remodeling the apartments, which is great but they had almost 2 months to get it ready. They replaced my counters AFTER my lease began, I ended up with a new washer/dryer and dishwasher. As they were replacing the windows, which was probably not done by a reputable window company, they used my electricity to do other apartment windows. They used something that smelled horrible for almost two months (in fact, I still smell it). The maintenance man has no memory. I even made a list of everything I wanted done and it's like pulling teeth to get things done. I can't get everything done at once. I'm still waiting for some painting to be done. My heat quit working on a Saturday (thank goodness it wasn't terribly cold at the time). He tried to fix it but couldn't. He said he would have a heating company out on Monday. Guess what? He forgot to call until it was too late for them to come out on Monday. So I had to wait another day. I have a piece of drywall in the garage that needs replacing. So I get the drywall dust inside my new car and have asked this to be fixed. Other than the heat issue, everything else was put on a list and and can't get satisfaction. Before I signed the lease, I told him about the creaky floor at my last place that was awful. He said there was a lot of insulation between the floor and my celing. He also almost never comes to do what he says on the day he says he's going to do something. It's always gets put off. I hardly ever heard the people upstairs and they had a dog, which was fairly quiet. They broke their lease and now I have a young couple upstairs. Talk about creaky floors! Someone walks like an elephant up there and the creaky floors are so loud and disturbing (worse than at my last place). And they run up and down the stairs making even more noise. Of course, there is nothing the maintenance man can do. However, he didn't hesitate to assure me that the insulation was really good. The part of the sidewalk right outside my door angles down pretty badly. I asked to have it mudjacked because I'm worried about me (or any guests) slipping on it during winter. That will not get done, at least not this year. I really LOVE the apartment. The fact that they are remodeled with almost everything new, is so nice. I just think the maintenance guy can't keep up with all the apartments and they should be using reputable companies for remodeling. I will be calling the management company with regard to these issues. I was being a nice person giving him leeway but it is now getting ridiculous. I would recommend this place only if I knew that management stepped up on maintenance.
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Hidden Creek

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