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Hidden Creek



Resident · 2016
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I agree with someone that posted a review below. I have a couple that live upstairs from me and have a large enough dog that if it runs around which it does often, it sounds like a stampede. The couple is a little heavyset. By no means am I trying to be rude because I'm a big girl myself (I would not want to live upstairs knowing that my big behind would a little more noise than normal), I'm just trying to figure out how it's acceptable to rent out an upper unit to loud people with a big dog when the insulation is by no means insulated enough to minimize the creaky floors and noise. I also have to agree with the lack of maintenance. I have been told every time a date and time when they would come to fix things. However, when the day came around, no call or show. I would call and finally get a response a few days later with the "I forgot" response and given a new date, and then it repeats. I also have asked about the flooding by the backdoor due to the concrete slab being shifted. That's a battle that I realized that I will not win. This is a beautiful place. I love the neighborhood. Despite the noise, neighbors have been great. The maintenance is just terrible. Like the person below stated, if you can wait months for maintenance, then you're good. I wish maintenance would stop acting like they "smoke" a lot and start remembering what they say!
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Hidden Creek

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