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Resident · 2012
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Office Staff
Worst experience ever. Staff is rude and inconsistent with tenants, maintenance barely exists, construction noise is almost a constant sound in daily life... The garage we had was broken nearly the entire time of two years we mistakenly spent there. The painters came in and destroyed almost all of the blinds in the apartment and tracked mud all over the floor. Beware if you have a pet because if someone else's dog defecates in your yard, you'll get an eviction notice for it. They claim to have a luxurious jacuzzi in their pool area, but it's only ever in operation for a month during the pool season. The pool itself is supposed to be heated, but it's always freezing cold. The volleyball court isn't sand, it's just small jagged rocks you can barely play in. The exercise room is just a bunch of half-working equipment. Any time you would enter the office to let them know of any problems, the staff is never there. Our neighbors were allowed to constantly scream until five in the morning. Military residents get special treatment and while the rest of the tenants suffer, they get to allow their kids to jump all over, slam things into the walls, and scream until all hours of the night as well. We were promised carpet cleaning for extending the lease but never received it due to the fact that the apartment manager only communicates by e-mail and half the time, the e-mails won't get to half the residents. I've talked to countless neighbors I had, and not a single one of them had anything good to say. Don't hand out apartments because you need to make money. Take care of your tenants or shut down your business. And Thomson Corporation should know that the office staff blames you for their lack of business know-how.
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