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Prospective Resident · 2015
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Office Staff
DECEPTIVE AND DISHONEST!!! PLEASE< PLEASE, RUN!!! My daughter and I have been looking for a 2 bedroom, before winter. We were made to fill out multiple forms, with the last ten years of rental and employment history. Mary Jo, at the office, actually contacted my employer FIVE TIMES for verification, until my employer's office manager told her to knock it off!! They are snotty and act like they are better---but they are just ------ and miserable with their lives. I have NEVER been given such a hard time about filling out an application, and I was honest and disclosed a past bad rental experience, which they just ran with, and then used to discredit me. The actual unit was a 2 bdr loft and the carpeting on the stairs was literally stained with dog or cat P*** and stunk so bad that I wanted to vomit. Clearly, the people that lived there before us were not "high class", either that, or they let their animals take a dump to express their dissatisfaction with the ------ management. By the way, LOOK PAST THE FIRST TWO PAGES OF REVIEWS!! ALL WILL BE REVEALED, AND IT IS BAD!!! The ridiculous, catty office women even bantered back and forth with one poor tenant simply trying to express their heart felt views--that the place is an overpriced hole. I was lied to twice about whether they would allow a caged bird (but apparently they allow large animals that take large dumps on the stairs). The owner's daughter, Deb Mulberry, is a snotty, snooty, uppity woman who actually believes she is better than ANYONE and told me so (although it's not her company or property but Daddy's---even the women in her own office can't stand her!!) The 2 bedroom we looked at (with the dog dump on the stairs), was ridiculously laid out, and had a den that you'd hit your head on, a kitchen with dead bugs all over the floor (honestly, they looked like roaches), and the garage smelled like more dog dump!! The bedrooms---get this---had windows with WINDOWS above them (meaning NO blinds or curtains). SUPER GREAT when you want to sleep in on Sunday and have the sun shining on you. Who knows? Maybe the warmth will kill the bacteria in the dog dump. Run, run, run...OVERPRICED and not worth the mean-spiritedness of the catty office people.
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