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Centennial Park

500 East Centennial Drive

Oak Creek, WI 53154



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/28/2005
Some people can be too high maintenance. Reading these other reviews make some residents/former residents seem quite pretentious. I, like others, have lived in several apartment complexes all over southeastern Milwaukee, and this doesn't compare to some of the horrific experiences I've had in other places. <br>The location is great: quite setting and relatively little traffic. We are in the newer buildings and have no complaints from where we are. <br>The staff: I just want to say that I would personally never want to manage an apartment complex. These people are gluttons for punishment. But, be realistic: As posted before, is complaining about getting a notice for NOT paying your rent when it is due really unreasonable? If you are out of town, can you not pay it a couple days early? They are a business, try not to be impossible. <br>On Maintenance: I have only had one request and it was taken care of promptly. But again, I am in a building that was constructed only two years ago, so dismiss this if you would like. <br>The grounds: This is where they could use some SERIOUS help. The original laid sod from the construction of our building didn't take two years ago, and hasn't been pursued since. We moved in July of this summer, which was unbearably hot and with no rain, so naturally, everyone's lawn looked horrible this summer. Nonetheless, it remains to be seen if they will address this issue next spring. Stay tuned. Also, the ponds have been unkempt this year, and we were told upon moving in that they would be cleared "within the next two weeks". It's been over two months, and when asked about the promise of trimmed up ponds, the management responded with a story of a maintenance man's woes in a boat with a weed eater or something. Whatever the reason, I do look forward to next year's spring season. <br>Finally, the Lease: As a paralegal, the lease didn't surprise me in the least. In case you haven't noticed, the U.S. is filled with attorney's attempting to sue the pants off of anyone, for anything or any reason. The only qualm I have is with the "dog policy". We were REQUIRED to have not only renter’s insurance, (not unreasonable yet) but a MILLION DOLLAR POLICY. We were nearly laughed off the phone by two insurance companies. That's an unusually high policy amount for renters insurance, as anyone would gather. But, nonetheless, our dog was going nowhere, so with their policy; we agreed.<br> <br>Overall, it appears that some people lose prospecive. It you do validate any of the ridiculous complaints here, I am pleased that you will not potentially be my neighbor.<br><br><br>
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Centennial Park

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