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Springbrook Circle Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/05/2007
Been Living in Venata Since July.<br><br>We were supposd to move in June, but they had 'construction' problems. The week before We moved in, I called to verify the date, and they were fuzzy as to weather or not we could move in. But said everything was fine. Packed up the old apartment on thursday, to move in friday morning. Geuss what? apartment not finished. No carpet, Walls not painted, etc. So all week we were told we could move in. only to find ourselves without a place to live.<br><br>We were given a temporary garage for storage. The 1st one which had someones jet-skis in. The 2nd was empty. after we were allowed to move in 2 weeks late, I left some tires/wheels in the garage to move later, and the apartment gave/threw my wheels away without any notification, and says its my fault.<br><br>So 2 weeks after we move in, the ac stops working. It gets fixed after 2-3 days. But the blame gets shifted, from the apartment, saying the have to talk to the contractor to get it fixed.<br><br>Snow removal is a joke. So far we had one storm this winter, THANK GOD. the drive way was barely plowed by 4 pm. And the sidewalks in front of the ventana apartments, wasn't done until 8 or 9 pm. They did not even bother plowing the stair case down to the where parking is.<br><br>I lived in an apartment complex that did not look as nice, and was older. But the management took responsiblity for there actions. Everthing was fixed within hours. And snow plowing was as professional as what they have at the airport.<br><br>Springbrook cercle only cares about getting you to sign the lease. After that, your on the hook for everything, and they're off the hook for everything.<br><br>I will not be re-signing my lease. And I hope you dont sign one.
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Springbrook Circle Apartments

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