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Springbrook Circle Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/23/2007
I wish I would have known the hassles I have experienced. First of all, I cannot stand hearing my neighbors conversations and sneezing through the paper thin walls.<br><br>Secondly, the clubhouse was advertised as accessible to resident with a fee and security deposit. When I asked one day to rent it they said that it wasn't meant to be used for tenents. Then that's false advertisement, which is illegel. Then what the hell is it used for???<br><br>On two separate occasions, in the middle of the night, on a weeknight, my neighbors left their stereo blasting while they were not there. I had to call the police to get them to contact management and fix the situation. After talking to Rob about this, the arrogent $&%hole brushed it off and defended the loud tenant saying "oh, he's such a nice guy, I'm sure he didn't mean to do that". And left it at that.<br><br>During my first snow season here it took days to shovel my sidewalk in front of my door. I looked at my two neighbors next to me and their sidewalks were plowed. It's like they purpously left mine alone and left the job halfway done. MY SIDEWALK WAS RIGHT THERE, WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST TAKE THE EXTRA FIVE MINUTES TO SHOVEL MINE!!!<br><br>Forget getting ANYTHING fixed in this place. I have lived here for almost 1 year and have called Rob 7 times, TO FIX THE SAME PROBLEM!!! Everytime he comes he does a half-#^* job of fixing the problem. When I asked to finally buy a brand new part he belittled me and yelled at me saying "I have my own way of doing things" Well obviously his way sucks, cause they always break down. I'd like to know if he is even licsened to fix things like plumbing and electricity (because you need to be liscened to perform commercial trades work)and I doubt he is, cause his work sucks.<br><br>My heat went out 4 TIMES during last winter. And on a couple of the coldest nights of the season. Rob came and did a patchwork job (his usual) and my heat kept going out. <br><br>One other time I needed Rob to come and look at something else. He said he would come the next morning, which he did. He then told me he had to order a part, so i said fine. A day and a half later he showed up with the part to fix the problem. Which under normal circumstances would have been great, but he didn't call prior to coming or nock on the door. HE JUST WALKED INTO MY APARTMENT UNANNOUNCED. I was in my room changing and luckily I heard him, otherwise he might have walked in on me!!! Under my lease it states "Lessor may enter the premises at reasonable times and with 12 HOURS NOTICE." That [email protected] entered my apartment a day and a half later without giving me notice!!!!!!!! That is illegel!!! I have to resort to some kind of rigging device to make sure Rob doesn't come in without my permission when I'm not here. (I don't trust him). <br><br>After reading these complaints it validates me to know that I'm not blowing things out of proportion. What this place is doing is illegel and deserves legal action or to be reported to the state renters association or something (which I am looking into)............DON'T RENT HERE!!!
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Springbrook Circle Apartments

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