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Timber Ridge Apartments



Resident · 2016 - 2017
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Office Staff
The complex attracts a lot of riff raff due to the lower rent costs. During the first few months I lived here there were numerous car break-ins, but luckily neighbors were diligent in looking out for one another and the theif was caught. The neighbor across the hall had cops on premises multiple times for domestic disturbances where he and his girlfriend would be screaming at each other in the parking lot in the middle of the night. They make you sign a policy banning the use of illegal substances on premises, but a neighbor two floors below me had pot parties every weekend and stunk up the breezeway with skunky weed. The pool and fitness centers are excellent and well maintained, however, while relaxing at the pool party put on by the office, I noticed a guy in attendance wearing a house arrest ankle cuff! They do maintain the grounds very well with weekly lawn care, tree trimming and parking lot maintenance, but during parking lot resurfacing my car was unnecessarily towed off property and I had to pay over $200 to claim it - they could've just moved it to a section that wasn't being resurfaced that day! No real remorse or apology to me for that inconvenience. Also, parking is a pain!! They don't keep track of resident vs. visitor cars and the lots fill up every night by 7pm. There's only two buildings that have numbered parking - if they'd numbered the entire complex, parking would be much more fair. There's also a ton of junky cars in the lots - cars that have been in wrecks, disabled vehicles, unsightly fixer uppers... And despite numerous emails about speeding in the lots, tenants just whiz dangerously by going upwards of 20-30 mph! I had a garage rented, but it was nowhere near my building, so the walk was annoying. Not every breezeway has laundry, and the ones in my building are always broken despite being newer high-efficiency front loads. The mailboxes used to be so convenient on the lower level of each building, but then they installed new mailboxes outside that some tenants have to hike to in all weather just to get their mail. While I loved my apartment with the new maple kitchen, I had major maintenance issues I was reporting over and over, but they'd only "put a band-aid on it" instead of fixing it properly. This included: a broken patio door that literally fell apart when opened, a bathtub that had subfloor issues that they wouldn't look into (the floor made noise when you stood in the shower and was raised up like something was underneath it), plus in a six month time span they shut the water off SIX TIMES to do plumbing repairs - clearly not in a hurry to find the issue and fix it properly the first time to avoid all of the additional water shut-offs and inconvenience to tenants! The office staff appear to be nice, but could really care less about you. I attempted to sign a lease renewal (just to save money for one more year), but at the last moment changed my mind and put notice in when they lagged in getting my proper renewal forms in order, tried to put all of the responsibility on me to issue my former roommate her half security deposit, would not contact my boyfriend to help him apply... And I nagged them for weeks about all of that! -------- is a peach, but ---------------- are complete jerks. The subdivision this complex is in was extremely quiet and in a great location close to tons of shopping, restaurants and interstate access, so that was a plus... But if you can, spend a little extra elsewhere for a more professional property manager.
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Timber Ridge Apartments Manager


We greatly appreciate when our current or past residents take time out of their day to share their experience in living at Timer Ridge. Although your review was not a positive one, we do receive countless positive reviews on a regular basis and we do appreciate all feedback. However, some of your statements may be from only your point of view and not necessarily the same experience as our many other happy and satisfied current as well as former residents. We invite anyone that reads this review to visit our property and take a tour of our community first hand. If you have any further concerns regarding your experience at Timber Ridge please do not hesitate to contact us. Debra Ligas, Property Manager; 414-761-3110

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Timber Ridge Apartments

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