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Timber Ridge Apartments



Resident · 2017 - 2018
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Office Staff
When dealing with maintenance and management, it was a total disaster. We had water damage that was overflow from our AC unit. Nothing we did, but their lack of cleaning the unit and attaching the drainage hose correctly. This caused damage to a large area of carpet. Their solution was lifting up the wet carpet and putting fans on it for a week. We requested for the carpet to be replaced and they refused. Because of this water damage, there were a couple random holes caused from moving furniture so our furniture would not be ruined. My husband brought the issue of the holes to the maintenance managers attention. She told us this would not affect our security deposit. After the carpet was dried and laid back down, we (my husband and I) decided not to push any further because we were going to be moving in a couple months anyways. Now, fast forward to receiving our security deposit. They denied us half of our security deposit because of carpet damage. Now after calling them and addressing this issue, they are also trying to say there was damage in one of the bedrooms from our dog. One of the bedrooms was used as storage so the dog was never in that room. The other was our bedroom. I cleaned this room when it was emptied and I assure you, there was no dog damage. Just the carpet in the closet which was tore up from water damage, dried, and put back down. This place has caused us nothing but a headache and stole our money when we were assured it would be returned. I am happy to say Timber Ridge is a terrible place to rent & will never live in an apartment (especially Timber Ridge) again.
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Timber Ridge Apartments Manager


Timber Ridge maintenance staff completes preventative maintenance in each apartment twice a year. This service includes replacing furnace filters and cleaning drain lines. Despite this, a drain line can still be become clogged, which doesn't allow condensation to drain to the outside of the building. This is what happened in your apartment as you reported on July 3, 2018. Furthermore, as the property manager, I personally inspected your apartment. Your sectional sofa located in the living room covered the cold air return and was along the adjoining wall with the HVAC unit. Due to the placement of the furniture, you did not find and report the leak for an extended period of time. Once you made the staff aware of the wet carpet and drain issue, the following steps were taken to correct the problem: 1. the drain line was cleared; 2. the affected carpet pad was removed; 3. carpet tack strips were replaced; and 4. the carpet was extracted, cleaned and sanitized by a professional cleaner. In addition, you were given a carpet fan and dehumidifier to assist in drying the carpet. There was no further damage to your carpet from the leak and all issues were resolved in a timely fashion. The move out charges were for damaged carpet which was a result from your pet. When you moved in the carpet was new. If not for this damage the carpet would not have been replaced. We are happy to share pictures of the damage with you per your request. Debra Ligas, Property Manager; 414-761-3110

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