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Reserve at Wauwatosa Village



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Office Staff
tonya.duldulao • Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/21/2007
Normally I don't care to participate in these types of things but after stumbling across this Web site and reading the ratings for the Reserve Apartments I feel the need to respond. I have to say I'm more than a little surprised at the negative feedback given!<br><br>First of all the entire staff is great and I have nothing but good things to say about -------, she's been wonderful every time I've had to stop in the office. I also wasn't aware ------- was supposed to be a tour guide to new tenants moving in from out of town. If anything, I'd say it's your employer's job to show you around town or even your own responsibility to get out there and check the city out for yourself. I also don't see a problem if ------- is "always" sitting at her desk, at least there's a physical person in the office to handle things and if she can delegate jobs to the rest of the staff and the jobs are taken care of, then I think that's great. The timeliness of the maintenance crew is great too. If I need something fixed in the apartment, it's fixed the same day I let the office know about it and it stays fixed.<br><br>While a lot of responsibility is placed on the management and staff to run and maintain these apartments keep in mind we as tenants also need to claim some responsibility here. If the Reserve is providing materials to tenants with pets to pick up after their pets and the tenants choose not to use these materials, clearly this is a problem of the tenants who own pets. Unfortunately for the Reserve, if something like this gets out of control it can reflect badly on the Reserve. I guess worse case scenario, make the apartments all pet free.<br><br>I find my apartment pretty noise free. Sure, occasionally I hear people in the hallway, I rarely hear my neighbors below me or on either side of me. I do hear the train but it doesn't disrupt my life, if anything it's background noise and I don't really notice it. My utility bills are under $150 a month. I found all the appliances up-to-date. My friends all like my apartment a lot. The hallways are clean and clutter free, I don't notice any foul odor in the hallway or outside from the surrounding buildings, the landscaping is nice and kept up. The only down side is rent is a little high and if I want additional storage space or a garage I have to pay extra for them. Other than these almost "nonexistent" inconveniences, I believe the vomit, urine, etc. experienced by other tenants are isolated incidents and they would not prevent me from staying here or prevent me from recommending these apartments to someone else.
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Reserve at Wauwatosa Village

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