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Mountainside Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 10/03/2005
Our first night was very loud. The neighbors had their music turned up and the bass was very loud. After about a half an hour, someone knocked on the door and it was the neighbors. They appologized for the loud music and said that they didn't realize anyone had moved in and they would turn it down immediately. All the neighbors have been very friendly though I still here the thumping bass occasionally. You can't smell any cigarette smoke in our apartment at all and I know that one of the adjacent neighbors smokes. The apartment itself is roomy and we all have really grown accustomed to the place. Since moving here, our utility bills have been lower. The appliances are "hot point" brand so don't expect chef quality stoves but they work well and our dishwasher cleans and doesn't melt your tupperware. <br>It took quite a while and a ton of paperwork to finally get approved. Once approved the staff got us into the apartment right away. <br>Location to the city isn't bad. All main roads pretty much intersect around you but it isn't terribly busy. The grounds are kept up and there aren't junk vehicles or trash problems anywhere that I've seen. The City Police Department's Nuisance division has never had a complaint about junk, junk vehicles, weeds, or snow/ice. <br>Most people look out for each other here. There was a hit and run a month ago but the suspect was not a resident and with the help of watchful helpful neighbors, he was tracked down and received more than a couple tickets. <br>The pool was fun while it was open and the basketball court and fitness room are close by and clean. <br>Parking isn't bad. Neighbor kept parking in our spot but after asking nicely, he stopped. We were told by the office to call the maintanence people.
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Mountainside Apartments

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